Kyle Hoellger
Jan 7, 2014

Community Patent Spotlight: "One way transmission structure and one-way transmission method"

Aaron Zhang, a new Patexia member, has patented an invention that he would like to share with the community. Aaron is from San Jose, CA and is currently attending Brown University. His primary interests are mechatronics, robot design, and entrepreneurship.

The “One-way transmission structure and one-way transmission method” proposes an 
alternative to traditional ratcheting mechanisms and one-way bearings. Rather than relying on solid contacts, which are prone to corrosion and wear, this one-way 
bearing utilizes a series of cables.

  • The low cost of cable makes this one-way bearing much more affordable than a traditional needle roller or ratcheting system.
  • The anti-corrosive properties of cable make the one-way bearing more suitable for maritime applications than metal-housed bearings.
  • The simplicity of design in the one-way bearing makes it easy to manufacture and maintain. This provides an advantage in appropriate technology applications.


Can you think of a specific application for the cable-structured one-way bearing?