Daniel Porter
Aug 21, 2012

Blood-recovery technology gains approval

HemoSep is a device designed to recover blood that is spilled in major trauma surgeries and open heart surgeries. The device helps with the process of autotransfusion -- the transfer of blood back into the patient which gave it -- a solution to a variety of problems associated with using blood from third party donors. Their devices consists of a specially designed blood bag employing a chemical sponge and a mechanical agitator, which serves to concentrate and preserve the blood until it can be implanted back into the patient. The technology, after more than 100 successful clinical trials, recently received the CE marking, signifying device approval for use in all European territories and Canada. Professor Terry Gourlay, project lead, is optimistic, "the introduction of HemoSep to the medical device field will make a significant difference to people's lives and greatly reduce the cost and risks associated with blood transfusions."