Nareen Melkonian
Apr 3, 2012

BASF develops new automotive clear coat: iGloss

BASF has developed iGloss, an automotive clear coat that provides a car with a glossy appearance and lasts significantly longer than conventional coatings. Even the prettiest finish suffers from the many external impacts to which it is subjected over its lifetime of mechanical wear and climatic influences. Previous standard clear coats for cars have consisted almost exclusively of organic material, referred to as polymers, which are long-chain branched hydrocarbons. In contrast, iGloss combines two kinds of materials in a nanostructured hybrid. Between 90 and 95 percent of the hybrid material, depending on the area of application, consists of organic material which forms the paint matrix. This makes the finish flexible and elastic and ensures a high level of weathering resistance. Five to ten percent of the inorganic material is embedded in the organic matrix, and are particularly hard and scratch resistant as they consist of a small number of atoms distributed homogeneously and densely.