Kyle Hoellger
Feb 4, 2014

AT&T Patent Sparks Debate Over Net Neutrality

AT&T has filed a patent, titled "Prevention of bandwidth abuse of a communication system," that could have serious implications for the wireless web. The patent details a process through which AT&T can monitor the type of data you're viewing and assign credits to your bandwidth as you use it. Use of sites such as Bitorrent could result in a loss of credits and slowing of speeds, blocking of downloads, or cutting off of data are all potential repercussions.

AT&T Patent is Bad News for Net Neuturality: Here's Why | Digital Trends
AT&T's latest patent hints that it may move to control speeds and access to certain types of data, meaning it could cut you off, slow you down, or charge you if you use too much of your data to stream, download movies, or torrent.