Daniel Porter
Jun 11, 2012

Apple WWDC

Today, Apple developers from all over the world gathered in San Jose for the Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference. Today's keynote address revealed a swath of new products, and improvements on old ones, that are likely to be fleshed out in upcoming days of the conference. Here's a very quick rundown: Macbooks all get Ivy Bridge processors (good news for Intel), and many Macbooks get high quality "Retina" displays, including the newest "next-generation" Macbook Pro -- a cross between a Macbook Air and the previous Macbook Pro. Many of the developments were in software, though: iOS6 gets a variety of updates, including increased integration with Facebook for social networking, and the addition of Siri integration. The most striking changes have come in Apple's mapping software, independent from and competing directly with Google maps. Google's extensive mapping infrastructure is going to be hard to displace, but with interesting new features like crowdsourced traffic information, Apple has at least made an impressive showing.