Kyle Hoellger
May 20, 2014

Apple and Google Call for Ceasfire in Ongoing Patent War

In a joint statement made last week, Apple and Google outlined a plan to settle existing smartphone-patent lawsuits and work together on patent reform. The legal truce, which does not include a cross-license, specifically applies to litigation between Apple and Google's Motorola business, as Google still owns many of Motorola's patents despite the recent sale of the hardware unit to Lenovo. The motion to dismiss reads in part:

"Plaintiffs-Appellants Apple Inc and NeXT Software, Inc., together with Defendants-Cross Appellants Motorola, Inc. and Motorola Mobility, Inc., respectfully move the Court to issue the mandate in these consolidated appeals, so that the parties can proceed to the district court to dismiss the litigation without prejudice. The parties further agreee that each party will bear its own costs and attorneys' fees."