Andy Bosyi
Jul 24, 2014

A new Dashboard to track your progress

Here at Patexia, we're all about patent research powered by crowdsourcing. But what makes us proud of our platform is that we know our crowd is made up of great individuals that we love to work with, from professors to students to industry professionals.

From Contest to Connect, you've been able to accomplish great things on our platform. And now, we're proud to announce a new Dashboard for you to be able to track all the things you've accomplished.

With your new Dashboard, you can:

  1. quickly view all of your active Contest and Connect submissions
  2. browse through your past Contest and Connect submissions, including seeing what you wrote
  3. check out your platform-wide statistics including your average score and prize earned per month, and more

You've accomplished great things on the Patexia platform. We thought it was time you had a Dashboard to match.

We hope you like the new digs, and let us know what you think about the new changes.

Thanks again for being an amazing part of the Patexia community and we'll see you around the site!

The Patexia Team