James McArdle
Sep 11, 2012

A Couple F.A.Q.'s

I'm not from the US or Canada, can I participate?

Yes. People from most countries can participate, though there are some additional forms you will have to fill out if you win. More details can be found in the Legal Terms under the Prizes section.


Who is Patexia/Can I know more about the company?

Patexia is a multidisciplinary social network for research, business, and intellectual property professionals. You can read more at our About Us page.


I can't attach files, why?

For this contest, you generally won't need to submit files. If you submit the citation, we will be able to look up the publication ourselves. However, we will look into implementing a file submission feature in the future.



Why do I only get one entry?

For the moment, that's just how the system works. Make sure you take your time and ensure your entry is complete before you submit it. In the future we may make changes to permit you to make multiple entires, or return to edit your submission. For now, if you make a mistake with your submission and want to change it, contact us and we'll try to work it out.