Mehdi Sadaghdar
May 23, 2011

A comfy sun tan? Think again!

Imagine you are well into your pregnancy and like to get a sun tan. Well, just stop there! As a male person, I've never been pregnant although the technology is there. But that image doesn’t sound normal, unless you are into cooking unborn babies in the sun!

But anyways, imagine you are a pregnant woman and like to get a sun bath, but you can't because you would crush your baby lying on your belly. What would you do? Well, there is a solution! Just get a Maternity Beach Chair. What is it? It looks like the attached image.

It provides a hole for your belly to fall into, as well as a hole for your face so that you can stare deep into the sand. Now you can have a nice tan on your back, even if you are pregnant (or just like to let your belly loose). Here are some of the great features:

-          You can have a nice tan on your back only. The plywood to cover the hole when you want to lie on your back for a tan on your front is sold separately.

-          It stretches your belly muscles and skin by an inch after every use. After the birth, you won’t need a blanket to cover your legs.

-          The baby feels like lying in a cradle hanging from a tree branch, or in this case your spine. The wheelchair to get away from the beach is sold separately.

-          You can also use it as a mask for partial frontal tanning: lie on your back on the sand and put the chair on such that only your belly and face are exposed to the sun and get a face and belly tan, while keeping the rest of your front pale! It is always nice to have a fully tanned behind, while having only a face and belly tan for Halloween!

Yes, it is a bad invention created by Shannon I. Nation. This makes me doubt if Shannon is actually a female inventor, because how can a woman fail to see the issues with this design, although it is always nice to have a patent under your name. This goes to show you don’t need to have a good idea to patent it. The patent office can always use the extra cash from stupid ideas!

Don’t believe it is a real patent? Look it up in