Jan 11, 2014Science and Technology

It is not clear if the fuel cell has to be a Hydrogen fuel cell. If methane is required as the source for hydrogen, question 5, it would in most cases make much more sense to use e.g. a solid oxide fuel cell that uses methane directly, instead of requiring an extra methane reformer.


Andy ChuHi Roland! Good point, I think that's a perfectly good way to read the questions, but I don't want to rule out anything. Thanks for the question!
Jan 11, 2014
Andy ChuHi Roland! Thanks for the question again. I’ve taken a closer look at the subject matter and have a more detailed answer for you. We’re interested in products that employ a hydrogen gas reaction. However, we are interested in products that rely on fuel sources such as methane that are used to first produce the hydrogen either within the fuel cell reaction chamber (as with some solid oxide fuel cells) or in a separate reaction chamber on or near the product. Hope that clears up matters, and we’ve created a contest update to help clarify the issue. Thanks again!
Jan 27, 2014