Defensive Publication: Advanced Strategies

Defensive Publication: Advanced Strategies - Patexia IP Matters Web Series

September 12th 2013 at 1:30PM ET (10:30AM PT)

Speaker: Felix Coxwell, Research Disclosure, Product Manager at Questel SA



In 2011, spending by Apple and Google on patents exceeded spending on research and development of new products.

IP Matters.

Andrea Casillas of Linux Defenders said "It’s hard to escape the patent world. The amount of patent litigation has drastically increased, specifically in technologies based in computer software. However, these patent wars are extending beyond the big companies to startups and individual developers.

Those in the open source world are encountering two options: fly under the radar and hope to avoid lawsuits or license patented technology. Now is the time to introduce another option and begin to protect your freedom to operate through the use of defensive publications."

But it's not just members of the open source community who are threatened by the trend in increasing patent litigation: corporations are facing more and more litigation every year.

Those at corporations face similar challenges to the open source community: how do you find a cost-effective way to protect yourself from patent litigation?

Corporations have deeper pockets, and many choose to file patents to ensure protection.

But there can be some persuasive reasons to produce a defensive publication instead. Where filing a patent can costs tens of thousands of dollars, defensive publications are significantly cheaper.

This isn't the only reason to file a defensive publication however. One of the problems with patents is that a corporation's patent filings reveal the markets that corporation is interested in. Defensive publications, however, can be produced anonymously, so you don't have to tip your hand about your R&D strategy.

Felix Coxwell has been helping corporations with their defensive publication strategy for over 10 years. In the next Patexia IP Matter webinar, Defensive Publication: Advanced Strategy, Felix will explain through real life examples why, when, and how companies choose to publish defensively.

As Felix said: "This IP strategy is not new, it has been used by the major patenting power houses since the sixties and as the numbers of filed, granted and enforced patents has continued to grow, the demand for the freedom to operate and cost cutting economies a defensive publication program can provide has grown too."

He’ll cover:

  1. The concept
  2. Practical examples
  3. Sourcing publications
  4. Anonymous publication
  5. Where to publish

The talk will take place on September 12th at 1:30PM ET (10:30AM PT) and will last 20 minutes. We'll take questions during the talk and answer them afterwards.

The event will be FREE, but it's invite-only, you must register to get a ticket. Registration is free and only takes a minute.

About the Speaker: Felix Coxwell has been working with companies to help setup defensive publication programs for over 10 years.  Currently he is the product manager for QUESTEL.  Before this he managed the Research Disclosure operations for KMP Ltd.




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