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Patexia. Analytics

US Patents Applications, Lawsuits, etc. The list goes on; with one overarching mission of turning conventionally frustrating tasks into seamless, flawless processes with powerful visualizations, Patexia provides detailed data and analytics on more than 20,000 law firms, 600,000 companies and 15,000+ USPTO examiners.


This covers rankings, performance metrics, top clients / service providers, allowance rates, office actions, etc. for both patent litigation and prosecution for all law firms and companies.

We also cover activity, behavior, allowance, etc. for all examiners.

Patexia database currently has up to date data for all PTAB cases, district court lawsuits, US patent data and many more.


Patexia. Insights

We have a vision of changing the way in which our clients view IP, using unbiased data-driven rankings, independent market intelligence and in-depth analysis to reimagine the industry as we know it. Join the growing list of law firms and corporate clients who trust our research and reporting.



Patexia Intelligence Reports prepared for patent prosecution and Inter-Partes Review (IPR), analyze the sector and rank the top law firms (and attorneys) based on activity and performance in a number of different categories for the last five years.

Patexia. Contest

We’re able to provide complex IP due diligence, where Patent Portfolio Analysis is just the beginning. Enjoy robust crowdsourced prior art and evidence of use searches using our content platform


Patexia. Connect (Recruiting and Expert Services)

Leverage the power of our network of 100,000 IP Professionals to find your next lateral or testifying expert.


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Join Patexia Community for FREE and share your thoughts, ananlysis and opinoin with our community of more than 100,000 IP professionals.