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Patexia seeks prior art for US Patents  6,175,347 (‘347) - “Liquid crystal display apparatus” and 6,421,092 (‘092) - “Automatic picture display position adjusting circuit and picture display apparatus using the same.”

The ‘347 patent allegedly describes a liquid crystal display (LCD) apparatus, comprised of A/D converters, a PLL circuit, a scan conversion circuit, counters, an OR circuit, flip-flops, and a CPU, whereby the location and the size of the picture displayed on the LCD can be automatically adjusted.  The ‘092 patent allegedly describes a picture display positioning circuit and a display device, comprised of a microcomputer and a pixel quantity converter, whereby a picture to just fit the effective picture display area of the picture display device is automatically displayed.

Automatic adjustment of picture location and size, as described by ‘347, takes place by following these steps (Figure 1):

  • RBG signals undergo A/D conversion and a scan conversion (when necessary).
  • These RGB signals are compared with the phase of an enable signal which indicates a display period of the LCD display.
  • A comparison result is generated and the scan conversion rate, the phase of the enable signal, and the vertical and/or horizontal scan conversion ratios are changed in response.
  • The picture size, location, and the conversion rate is then automatically adjusted.  This conversion is done in the scan conversion circuit, and can be most broadly read as either a change in sampling frequency, or a scaling process.

Figure 1: Automatically adjusting picture size and location on an LCD

Automatic adjustment of picture display position, as described by ‘092, takes place following these steps (Figure 2):

  • Sync signals are separated from the original video signal into at least one horizontal signal and at least one vertical signal.
  • In response to variations in sync timing a conversion factor is calculated and transmitted to a pixel quantity converter.
  • The video signal is modified by the pixel quantity converter so that a picture corresponding to the modified video signal appears at a desired display position.
  • A recalculation is performed in order to shift the display position to the desired display position and the modified video signal is outputted at this desired display position.

Figure 2: Automatic adjusting picture display position

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1Was the source filed or published before May 22nd, 1997? T/F
2If the source was not filed or published before May 22nd, 1997, was the source filed or published before August 5th, 1998? T/F
3Does the source describe an apparatus for automatic adjustment of picture size and location of an incoming analog video signal onto a display? 12
4Does the source describe modifying a video signal so that the picture corresponding to the modified video signal appears at a desired display position? 18
5Does the source describe a fixed resolution display, such as an LCD? 3
6Does the source describe comparing the phase, size or location of an input video signal that has undergone scan conversion or scaling with a phase, size or location of a signal indicating the display period of an LCD? 10
7Does the source describe changing the scan conversion rate as a result of the comparison in Question 6? 6
8Does the source describe changing the location, size or phase of the scan converted or scaled input video signal as a result of the comparison in Question 6? 6
9Does the source describe the separation of a sync signal into a horizontal and vertical component? 10
10Does the source describe a sync detector that can detect changes in sync timing? 15
11Does the source describe a pixel quantity converter for video signal modification? 5
12Does the source describe the calculation and recalculation of a conversion factor in response to changes in sync timing? 15

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