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  • Type: Consulting
  • Hours: 10+ depending on required prep time
  • Duration: 2-3 days + required prep and travel time



  • Commitment: 10+ hours preparation, 2-3 days travel and presenting
  • Deliverable: Technical presentation
  • Start Date: Next 30 days
  • Expertise: Automotive technology adoption, functional integration of safety diagnostic, engine efficiency, navigation, lighting, hybrid fuel system technologies etc...
  • Location: US & Canada Preferred


Patexia is seeking an expert to provide a technical overview of automotive technology adoption over the last five years, and an opinion on the expected trends in the next five years. An ideal candidate will have an understanding of the decision trees that automotive companies use when considering the functional integration of technologies related to safety diagnostics, engine efficiency, navigation, lighting, hybrid fuel systems, and others. Familiarity with mass-market US based models is preferred.

Note that all expenses including travel and accommodations will be covered. All candidates must be eligible for travel within the US.

How to Apply

If you are interested, click “Apply Now” and include the following information with your entry.

  • Expertise and experience presenting technical material
  • Consulting experience
  • Previous employers and potential conflicts of interest
  • Desired hourly rate
  • Location by country

What’s Next

We will review received applications with our client and inform you about the decision as soon as it’s made. More details cannot be shared at this point due to the confidential nature of the project.

For More Information

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