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About Patexia

Patexia is reimagining the intellectual property landscape by converging technology, information, and collaboration. We are a vibrant community of tens of thousands of IP professionals worldwide, committed to bringing transparency, efficiency, and optimal outcomes to the IP world.

Founded in 2010, we've evolved beyond algorithms and databases to build the world's largest online IP community. Our platform is a nexus for IP stakeholders - patent attorneys, scientists, inventors and more - to connect on a global scale.

Our distinct edge lies in our vast, AI-powered database - a wealth of over 100 million data points gleaned from millions of legal documents. We transform this raw data into actionable insights and data-driven rankings, offering an unparalleled view of law firms, attorneys, judges, and companies across various IP sub-areas.

Patexia is more than a platform; it's a beacon in the overwhelming digital landscape, guiding IP professionals to make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of the IP world with confidence. Welcome to Patexia, where community, collaboration, and data-driven insights shape the future of intellectual property


Our Products


  • IP Intelligence Reports: Our reports offer valuable insights and in-depth analysis of the IP sector from various angles. Whether it's evaluating attorneys, law firms, companies, or judges' performance, our data-driven rankings, and comprehensive analysis combined with commentary from the IP community provide a fresh perspective.
  • Patexia Concierge: Designed specifically for IP attorneys, law firms, and corporate in-house IP counsel, Patexia Concierge provides custom analytics, IP intelligence, and invaluable data to support informed decision-making, effective patent litigation strategies, and solving complex IP challenges.
  • Patent Analyzer: Our powerful online patent tool transforms patent data into actionable business insights. It empowers patent attorneys, and law firms to gain competitive intelligence and develop new business while enabling corporate IP counsel to make data-driven decisions and optimize their patent portfolios or streamline their prosecution operations.
  • Trademark Analyzer: This powerful tool enables trademark attorneys, and law firms to learn about the sector and grow their practice. At the same time, corporate IP counsels would be able to evaluate and measure various metrics related to their trademark portfolios and their outside counsel. 
  • Litigation Analyzer: This tool covers patent litigation, ANDA, biosimilar, PTAB, ITC Section 337, and CAFC data. With a large dataset, this powerful tool can evaluate numerous metrics related to patent litigation in various jurisdictions, offering relevant information on judges, attorneys, law firms, and corporations, and helps these professionals stay up-to-date on litigation trends and make informed decisions with confidence.



Our Services


  • Lateral Opportunities: Our experienced legal recruiters utilize sophisticated IP data analytics to identify the ideal lateral opportunities for law firms and attorneys. We consider growth plans, geographical preferences, and areas of expertise to match professionals with the right opportunities.
  • Expert Witness: Patexia facilitates the connection between law firms and top expert witnesses. By leveraging historical case data and our expertise, we expedite the expert search process, ensuring optimal matches for litigation needs and successful outcomes in IP cases.
  • Research Studies: Our global network comprises over 20,000 experts hailing from diverse industries. We collaborate closely to understand your unique needs and goals, harnessing the collective knowledge of experts to deliver insightful research findings through crowdsourcing or private studies.
  • Strategic Partnership: Through strategic partnerships, we position you as a thought leader in IP law, enhancing your brand visibility and creating new business opportunities.


At Patexia, our passion for innovation, commitment to transparency, and dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions drive us to continually improve our platform. Join the Patexia community today and experience the power of data-driven insights in the world of intellectual property.